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  Add additional space
Easily and Reasonably!

  Whether it is much needed storage space, actual living space or recreational space, Easy Buildings is your Simple Solution.

  The extremely high quality of Easy Buildings is built out of old time work ethic and values.

  Our family owned business respects the needs and wishes of all of our customers. With this point of view we have a long list of happy and satisfied patrons. 

  Please contact us with all of your needs and questions.

  Let EASY BUILDINGS be your “SPACE” solution.


Contact: 843-446-7602

Easy Buildings Products

Vinyl Buildings


:: We Can Help! :: Rent to Own Option

  If extra space is needed, it can be overwhelming.

   Let Easy Buildings
answer all your questions in a straight forward manner.

 Together we can solve all your needs, Easily and Reasonably.


All our buildings are available for a rent to own agreement.
A portion of your rent is applied to the purchase price of your building.