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Easy Buildings FAQ's


Can I finance my building?

We do not have financing but we do have a rent-to-own program.

Do I pay for delivery? 

Delivery is free within 50 miles. There is a reasonable charge for distances farther than that.

What kind of permits do I need?

Contact your local government to see what you will need. Requirements are different from town to town. If you live in a community with a home owners association, check their rules and regulations regarding storage buildings.

What if the building doesn’t fit through my gate?

The owner is responsible for clear access to the delivery location. Easy Buildings is not responsible if fencing has to be removed, shrubbery etc.

What if I have a building in mind and I don’t see a sample?

If you have an idea for a building please contact us and we will let you know if it is possible and what the price will be.

Is it possible to have the interior of a shed finished out?

We do finish the interiors of buildings. We can do a custom finish out or you can have one of the standard packages.