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Standard Features:

-Framed with Treated Lumber

-2”X6” on Center Floor Joists

-Vinyl Sides

-Metal Skin Doors

-4”X4” Treated Runners

-2”X6” Treated and
¾” Treated Plywood,
 Floor System

-Shingled roof

-8” Foot Wall Height


-Finished Interior (*Insulation, *Heating/Air, *Electric, *Plumbing)



-Vinyl color

-8’ X 8’ up to 12’ X 26'


 Contact: 843-446-7602


Vinyl Buildings



  If you need additional Storage Space, a Separate Office, a Work Shop or Guest Room these Vinyl Sided Buildings are perfect.

  By matching your house’s siding, you now have extra space that is an extension of your home, not a building that looks like an afterthought.